Interests: (114)
1920's, airships, alan moore, alexander dumas, alternative history, anal-retentive wikipedia editing, ancient greece, anglia linux users group, antiquarian books, apollo program, archaeology, architectural follies, arduinos, arthur conan doyle, backgammon, bbc radio 4, bbc radio 7, bicycle activism/advocacy, bicycle commuting, bicycle repair, bike porn, brooks saddles, bulldog drummond, burning suvs, call of cthulhu, cambridgeuk, canada, cheese, chris king headsets, clipless pedals, collecting books, cryptography, cs forester, cycle touring, dance hall crashers, dorothy l sayers, dreaming about bikes, electronics, excessive introspection, fabulous disaster, firefly, fixed gear bikes, flying boats, geomag, george macdonald fraser, gustav holst, h rider haggard, harry flashman, harry potter, henry purcell, hieroglyphs, hp lovecraft, jerome k jerome, juvenal, leslie charteris, lindsey davis, linux, macbooks, matlab, messenger bags, moon landings, museums, neal stephenson, nerf herder, norwich, oddities, operation ivy, os-x, palm pilot, palmos, project gutenberg, psychobilly, punk, punk-pop, punk-rock, punk-ska, python, ralph vaughan williams, real ale, rockets, roman coins, russian space program, sax rohmer, second hand books, sensible shoes, sherlock holmes, single speed bikes, ska-core, smoothies, snowboarding, space exploration, spaceflight, stargate sg1, steam powered robots, steampunk, strangers in paradise, tanks, tea, tents, the saint, things exploding, thomson stems, throat singing, thunderstorms, tom lehrer, torchwood, u-lock justice, usagi yojimbo, velma dinkley, wilkie collins, william walton, windsurfing, writing bad fanfic, writing elegant code

Key Points

  • Favorite Cycle Pedal - Crank Brothers Egg Beater.

  • Number of cars destroyed due to stupidity and incompetance - One.

  • Number of cars ever owned - nil.

  • Degrees - Three: BSc, MSc x2.

  • Cartoon Character Most Obsessed With - Guess

  • Proper, full-time, career jobs - Nil One

  • Record number of catches when juggling three balls - 36 51 84

  • Miles cycled per week - 80.

  • Bikes - Three(currently).

  • Number of times watching The Breakfast Club on account of an obsession with the Ally Sheedy character - Too many

  • Next trip - snowboarding in Whistler, and perhaps Lake Louise, winter 07.
    Brother's wedding in Edmonton, August 07.

    Snowboarding in Europe after Christmas - whever's cheapest.
    Autumn 08, at sunflowerinrain's place in France.
    Snowboarding in Europe before Easter - whever's cheapest.

  • Favorite time of day - 7:12 am

  • Pointless Languages - Smalltalk, Hieroglyphs, Matlab, Python.

  • Six Random Books From My Library

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